Albania, the latest hotspot of the property world

Albania is coming along to be the latest hotspot of the property world

Now is the time to buy your Albanian Property


  • A small Balkan country of a population of 3.6 million.
  • An area of 28,748 Square Kilometers
  • It borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia east, and Greece to the south and opposite the ‘heel’ of Italy.
  • It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea to the south-west.
  • Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering a wealth of stunning scenery, history and culture.
  • A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and holiday makers will find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.
  • If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other activities abound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to exploration across the national parks, there is something for everyone.
  • For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and paragliding are activities on offer.
  • Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at 2.5% and property sector increasing circa 20% pa