Shkodra Trade Center for Sale


3.280.000 Euro

Commercial for Sale in Shkoder

Trade Center information:

Storlek: 3000 m2 Building
Parking enter Trade Center: 1500 m2
Parking outside in front of center 3000 m 2
Entrance Gate: 3 – 2 in front + 1 behind
Cafeteria: 130 m2 inside + 130 m2 outside.
In the middle three floor Building.
Flor III: 500 m 2
Flor II: 500 m2 + 300 m2 outside balcony
Number of Point of Sales: 34

Services offered by the Trade Center:

Parking 24 hours
Maintenance and Cleaning
Internet free wireless
Drink Water
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Viktiga funktioner:

Very close to the Center of City
Very good location in the main street Mbreti Gent and behind the trade center is Ethem Osmani street.
Government is starting tobuild the new court of Shkodra in front of the Trade Center
200 employs working in second floor for an Italian Call Center
Cafeteria withnin the center which is one of the most frequented in the city.
Very good management at the trade Center
We invest in Marketing (spot TV, spot Radios, posters, leaflets).

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